Braindead - Peter Jackson (1992)

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Peter Jackson Confirms that ‘Bad Taste’, ‘Braindead’, and ‘Meet the Feebles’ Will Get 4K Restorations on Blu-Ray

Empire Film Magazine recently aired a brand new podcast episode with special guest Peter Jackson, director of cult horror classics Bad Taste, Braindead, and Meet the Feebles. Fans of his previous horror works are going to be very pleased to hear the following announcement. the status of these three horror projects.

When asked about his older work, the New Zealand filmmaker revealed that three of his beloved horror gems will receive restoration releases on Blu-Ray. We are dead excited to see how Braindead will look in glories 4K, considering the fact that it’s one of the most gruesome horror flicks ever made.
quelle: ... s-blu-ray/
Wurde schon früher m. W. angekündigt ... hoffentlich passiert das in nicht allzu ferner Zukunft. Würde ich übelst abfeiern.
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